by Annemarie Monahan

One yellow April morning, a 17 year old girl asks herself, "Do I dare to eat a peach?" What she decides will send her life in one of three radically different directions.

That morning is long past. Now she is forty-one.

On one life path, she calls herself Ántonia. She's barely survived the implosion of a lesbian feminist Utopian commune, one built on an abandoned oil rig. Her lost Eden built by Eves.

On another path, she is Katherine, a physician. Memory of two lovers chafes her like a hair shirt. After the death of one, she contacts the other: the deeply religious Amanda.

On a third, she is Kitty. She's been happily married for twenty-three years. Happily enough. Until her professor asks her for coffee and kisses her.

Who are we? Who haven't we been? Have we dared? Three of one woman's possible lives are about to collide.

As beautifully written as it is thought-provoking, Three is literature for grown-ups. Three is for anyone who has ever yearned— for a person, for a better world, for the whisper of the sacred.


"Three is the novel I've been waiting for. It's a story as steady and true as a heartbeat, building slowly to a wild storm where utopias turn dystopian and then back again. It's both a cautionary tale of courage and cowardice and a battle call where the personal and the political shatter and mend each other. And Three is a book of such beauty that it could change the world." —Derrick Jensen, author, Endgame

"A novel for the radical heart. It's a story for both the brave and the weary, lush with our passions, poignant with loss. It's a map through the territory we must travel to find that shining world of our dreams, a world that a tiny few refuse to abandon despite our endless defeats." —Lierre Keith, author, The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability

"If Woolf, Winterson, and Russ set sail for that lighthouse together, the result might be Three."— Valija Evalds, PhD

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