Now This War Has Two Sides

A spoken word CD by Derrick Jensen

Where will you choose to make your stand? Give me a threshold, a specific point at which you'll finally stop running. At which you'll finally fight back. Stand with me. Stand and fight. I am one, and we would be two. Two more might join and we would be four. When four more join we will be eight. We will be eight people fighting whom others will join. And then more people. And more. Stand and fight.
—From the CD

Examining the premises of his latest controversial work, Endgame as well as core elements of his ground breaking book Culture of Make Believe, this two hour lecture and discussion offers both a perfect introduction for newcomers and additional insight for those already familiar with Derrick Jensen's work.

Whether exposing the ravages of industrial civilization, relaying humorous anecdotes from his life, or bravely presenting a few of the endless forms that resistance can (and must) take, Jensen leaves his audience both engaged and enraged.

Track Listing:

Disc One:
01) Star Wars (listen)
02) How many environmentalists does it take to change a light bulb?
03) Apocalypse
04) Smashing the Death Camp
05) Voluntary Transformation
06) Premises
07) Civilization Can Never Be Sustainable
08) Get Back In The Real World
09) Cities and Civilization
10) Why do you pay rent?
11) Violence Only Flows Down
12) Fuck
13) How bad does it have to get?
14) Overpopulation
15) Bringing Down Civilization, Part 1
16) Cell Phone Towers
17) Bringing Down Civilization, Part 1
18) We Need It All
Disc Two:
01) Insanity
02) Culture of Occupation
03) Delusions
04) Pacifism
05) Despair
06) Those Who Participated...
07) Hope
08) Pretend You Are A River
09) Picket Pin And Stake
10) Q and A

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